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         Hubei Yongxing Food CO.,Ltd is a private export enterprise professionally engaged in edible fungi and other dried agricultural products development,production, processing and sales together. It was incorporated in June 2013 and located in Jingshan County, economic development zone hot springs landscape Avenue,Hubei province. It covers an area of 130000 square meters,a total investment of 350 million yuan, has built 50000 square meters of modern workshop and tons of large cold storage 18720 cubic meters, has one production line can produce 8000 tons of edible mushrooms each year, existing staff 280 people, factory plant green area more than 60%,we already reached the national garden style standard .


       Our company insists on science and technology as the forerunner,we established long-term cooperation relationship with Zhongxiang City Shou Xiang edible mushroom academician station and Huazhong Agricultural University to research and develop new varieties of ediblefungi.Our production on the one hand inherited the basis of the traditional technology,on the other hand we bravely innovate. In the production process we strictly implement the rules of modern food safety, so got through the ISO9001, ISO22000 and other international quality management system certification in 2014, and got green food certification in 2015,got moslem food certification in 2016,effectively ensured the quality of products. Our company won the Green Product Excellent Quality Award in 2014 at the China Green Products Trade Fair,and our brand "Manshanhong" products shiitake and black fungus won the 12th National Forest Products Fair Gold Medal in 2015.Our company currently developed products more than 10 kinds including shiitake, fungus, tremella etc not noly hotly sale in the south of Yangtze River ,Bohai etc and other vast areas of mainland,but also export to Hongkong,Singapore,Malaysia,Australia,Italia,America etc and other countries。


The company was incorporated in 2013


Annual production capacity of edible fungi is 8,000 tons


The company's total investment is 350 million yuan


158 existing employees

Hubei Yongxing Food CO.,Ltd

          Our company had set up dozens of organic cultivation base in the hinterland of the great Hongshan mountains,effectively avoid the industrial pollution, to provide clean food for the vast number of consumers. And the company is dedicated to build in the modern, efficient recycling industrial park not fight fat, not contend with rice water, not with day for blue environment, on that basis strives to build the company + base + cooperative + peasant household industrialization development mode. We were rated as the “City Leading Enterprise” of agricultural industrialization in 2014,and was awarded as the “Provincial Leading Enterprise” in the foresty industrialization in 2015. In order to meet market demand, combined with the development of the company, the board of directors research and decide to plan to invest 240 million yuan to build Hubei yongxing food co., LTD. Phase ii project, the project is mainly in order to expand capacity and production.And focus on the construction of edible fungi industrial production incubation platform, intelligent plant germination mushroom and demonstration area (cooperative farmers), really achieve the formation of company + base + cooperative + peasant household model. 


          Hubei Yongxing Food Co.,Ltd always diligently insists on the goal of  natural,green, health. We will make our due contributions to the world people's food health.


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