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Luo total history of struggle

Luo total history of struggle

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  Cultivation and after graduating from the University of comrades, With the cause of the fanatical pursuit began south of Guangzhou, to understand the coastal cities of the market demand for fresh and dried mushrooms, set up a sales company in Hong Kong, to lay the foundation for future development. After eight years of hard work, the founder of the company has begun to take shape. June 2013 was the investment in Jingshan County, the establishment of Hubei Yongxing Food Co., Ltd., the company achieved a "contract year, when the building, went into production, then bear fruit," the good performance of the project known as the "Wing Hing speed "has become the benchmark for local enterprises to build. 2013 year exports $ 8.26 million in 2014 exports worth $ 38 million, tax paid 8.28 million yuan in 2015 exports worth $ 41 million, paid tax 9.71 million yuan, sales income and pay taxes for three consecutive years of climbing, the company It is thriving. Now the municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the provincial forestry industry leading enterprises, Chinese Academy of Engineering, edible fungus research and development base, "rhododendron" products won the national green products, forest products State Fair Gold Medal. We passed the ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality management certification and the US FDA quality certification. Bank AA + grade credit businesses. These achievements are embodied in the relentless pursuit of his pay and hard.
  He was the development of enterprises, and actively create good industrial chain, led farmers to increase income generation, poverty alleviation, pursued his dream of achievement. Through enterprise + base + cooperative + farmer's business model, and Jingshan Sanyang, Greenwood and other towns of more than 4,000 farmers planting signed a purchase and sales contracts, delivery technology for farmers, send information, including planting, including acquisitions, not only accurate implement poverty reduction, Edible others led industrial development has opened up a Walk of Fame.
  Thanksgiving society, to contribute to the people. With the continuous development and expansion of enterprises, Comrade Cultivation and grateful hearts, do not forget to feed Jingshan people. November 2015, to help the town of Greenwood Village and the full six-room village mushroom growers mushroom cultivation industry development, free to donate thirty thousand yuan, mushroom cultivation for updating infrastructure and improving farmers planting environment. They also signed with the above market mushrooms acquisition agreement, no matter how much market volatility, preferring their own damage, but also to protect the interests of farmers. Since its inception enterprises, he has to support poor students, the disabled and other employees and companies in difficulty totaling more than four million, it reflects a kind of benevolent entrepreneurs Complex.
  Cultivation and comrades bold innovation, the development of enterprises, accurate poverty, social services, the road will become broader and broader.

  1989-1992 After Jingzhou Teachers College of Business Administration graduate, has made many trips to Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions, study and learning. 2012 Wuhan University to participate in enterprise management Senior Seminar 2014 to attend EMBA class president of Peking University study.
  1992 participate in the work;
  1996 in Suizhou sanligang founder of "Cultivation and mushroom factory";
  Established in 2010, "Food Co., Ltd. Suizhou Wing";
  July 2011 set up "Wing (Hong Kong) Food Co., Ltd." in Hong Kong;
  March 2013 Chinese Academy of Engineering and R & D base Zhongxiang Shou Township Edible Edible cooperatives set up a joint research and development base, as chairman;
  July 2013 investment in Jingshan founded "Hubei Yongxing Food Co., Ltd.";
  October 2014 Added to Jingshan County CPPCC members
  March 2015 served as president of the Federation of Enterprises in Jingshan County

  In October 2016, he was elected as a deputy to the Jingshan Municipal People's Congress.












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